Antenatal Classes in London

Let qualified midwives guide you on your journey through pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

We will share our years of education, training and experience with you to help you make the best choices for your baby’s birth.

Our aim is for you to give birth with a positive attitude, while feeling fully in control and aware of what is happening to your body.

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Why us

For the three of us, being a midwife is not just a day job, it’s a passion.

Over the past 10 years of working in maternity care, we have helped thousands of mums and expecting mums just like you.

We will make sure you feel at ease wherever you give birth, answer any questions you have, and keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun!

Our Story

Why Artemis

Artemis was the Mother Goddess, a powerful and independent goddess, born from father Zeus and mother Leto.

Artemis believed that destiny petitioned her to be a midwife, and soon after she was born she helped Leto to give birth to her twin brother Apollo.

Traditionally she is known as the protector of young girls and in her childhood, while sitting on her father’s knee, she asked him for a wish: the ability to help mothers during the pains of childbirth.

What better guidance to be good midwives, if not the one who was a midwife from the day she was born?


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Artemis statue Leto:

Hypnobirthing & Active Birth Workshop

Four hours Antenatal Class progamme now available - more info