Antenatal Classes

- Labour & Birth Workshop

This full-day workshop will take you through the stages of childbirth.

By exploring the hormonal and physical changes that happen during labour, we will teach you how to be mindful and how to allow your body to work at its best.

You and your birth partner will be taking part in easy-to-learn activities, such as learning massage, breathing techniques, vocalisations to help you relax and stress relief.

This is a fun, relaxed and friendly course.

- Postnatal Mum & Baby

Although very little talked about, the postnatal period can be both challenging and beautiful.

This full-day workshop explores the first weeks of your baby’s life, from the first cry to the six-week examination.

Among other important topics, we will teach you about infant-feeding, safe sleeping, common skin rashes, and healthy and unhealthy baby behaviour.

There will be little games and you will have the privilege of watching your partner dealing with nappy change!


(fee for you to attend the course as a couple or individual)


This course will teach you how to release unnecessary tension and overcome your fears around childbirth.

Through relaxation techniques, visualisations, readings and breathing exercises, you will achieve a calmer and more comfortable birth.

Your birth partner will also be actively involved to reflect the important role they play in the birth of your baby.


(fee for you to attend the course as a couple or individual)

Having a Cesarean Section

- 2 hours session

We offer a short caesarean section course designed for those of you who would like to learn what happens when you have a caesarean section, whether planned or unplanned.

We will teach you about what happens before, during, and after the procedure, about bonding with your baby and about the different positions that can help you with infant feeding.

If you are having a planned caesarean section, we recommend the Caesarean Section Course alongside the Postnatal Mum & Baby Course.

1:1 in the comfort of your home

(fee for you to attend the course as a couple or individual)


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Hypnobirthing & Active Birth Workshop

Four hours Antenatal Class progamme now available - more info